The European Qualifiers for the UEFA EURO 2016 are over with 19 teams (2 from each group and 1 best 3rd place team) going to France. 3 teams will go to the tournament starting in June as massive favorites France (the host nation), Germany (the World Cup winners) and Belgium (the number one ranked national team in the world according to the FIFA rankings).

I am pretty excited for this edition of the European Championships because of the new format (24 teams will compete for the title instead of the 16 teams in the previous format) demanding more consistency to win the tournament and more much needed competition with the addition of 8 more teams. I’ve always thought of the EUROs as a not so very perfect competition because it was always so short with 2 wins in the 3 group games you would qualify to the knockout stages where you would face a not so very difficult opponent in the quarter finals and two good teams in the semi finals and the final and these 5 wins would make you the Champions of Europe for the next 4 years. It’s not like with the new format it has not become extremely difficult to win but surely it’s more difficult than before.

During the European Qualifiers one team that I was very impressed with was Portugal, a team on which I think everyone gave up after their dreadful 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign. So the real question here is sure they were good in the qualifiers but can they actually win the competition? I think so. Let me show you why I think they can win it and let me know if I managed to convince you or not in the comments below .

It would be the pinnacle of a great career (winning the EURO 2016) and this is what I’m hoping for.

I think the future looks set for Portugal. The National Team deserves to win a major title.

Cristiano Ronaldo talking about the EURO 2016 after qualifying for the tournament with a win against Denmark.

When we talk about the Portugal national team the first thing that comes to mind is Cristiano Ronaldo. For years now Portugal are considered a one man team. Under former manager Paulo Bento, Portugal were dreadful in defence conceding 7 goals in 3 games in the 2014 edition of the FIFA World Cup and looked very one dimensional in attack where it almost looked like the strategy was pass it to Ronaldo and leave it to him to do the rest.


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